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CTLM Volunteer Team

We Solve Your Dinner Problems

Farm-fresh. Local (or remote, rare). Organic. Sustainable. Convenient. Affordable.  


Whether you're a top chef offering private dining, a local farmer with organic produce, or a mom looking for healthy sustenance and smiling faces at the dinner table, California Trade Life Ministries is here to spice up your life. . 


. . . that's not all we offer.

There are association members who offer work/jobs, tradesmen/tradeswomen who offer their skills/expertise as services and products, new/used household items, and much more. 



California Trade Life Ministries ("CTLM") wants to welcome you to our member platform ( 

The purpose of ministry is to be a light in the world, spread the Gospel, be of service to our member tradesmen/tradeswomen, and help free man and women exchange in our community marketplace.


A place where free men and women can exchange offerings in the private domain, find family-friendly items, and build community with other like-minded members. Especially nearby, close to home. 

Welcome-Freedom -Lover

Why Join?

Being a member includes:


Find what your looking for here. Come support and build community while making a conscious decision to exchange products/services, and support members in a place that  honors values. Find other people who seek to make the world a better place with every transaction.



Law, health freedoms, self-determination, trusts, land patents, sustainable gardening, home schooling, drum lessons, and much more. Our members have much to teach for those looking to expand their thinking and skills. 


Need a good 'Revocation of Election' class and template? Time to finally obtain that private trust? Looking for an advisor to help complete the administrative process? Or maybe you're in need of health resources and experts who can offer suggestions in support of the vibrant health of your family and pets?, your great resource is here. 


Announcement! Marketplace is now accepting applications for Vendors/Sellers. There will be a limited number of openings. Today begins the Marketplace soft launch (pre-grand opening). The goal is to front-load our Marketplace with plenty of items ahead of the grand opening announcement. Wondering if members and your clients can also begin exchanging with you during the marketplace soft launch? Yes, they can. Just let them know they are sneaking in ahead of the grand opening. Also, let them know what to expect from our newly launching ministry, feel free to share with your friends and loved ones!


Be a Part of a Freedom Loving Community

Living and making a wage in the private domain is wonderful! Especially because of our member community and pop-up local gatherings. Ready to exit the matrix? Learn more about California Trade Life Ministries private member association, and the value that our members enjoy . . . 

California Trade

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